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Robert Hain


Rob Hain has enjoyed a long career in the personal financial services business in the United Kingdom, continental Europe, Asia, and North America. Rob has been responsible for significant acquisitions, integrations, and innovations throughout his career. He serves on the boards of several financial services companies in the United Kingdom, Europe and North America, and holds a number of non-executive board memberships in the communications, music, property, retail, banking and mortgage sectors.

Colin Kingsmill


Colin has managed large-scale real estate sales and marketing projects around the world. Harnessed with an MBA in International Marketing and International Finance, he has broad experience in sales development, marketing, branding and communications platforms across a multitude of international projects. He is a deep strategic thinker, adept at tapping into the purchase motivations of consumers and understanding the subtle power of networking in today’s challenging market.

Colin is driven by transformation, whether it be professional or personal. He is now bringing his international experience to Nova Scotia and focused on assisting individuals and businesses with strategic executive and life coaching and mentoring as well as board-level advisory.

Tracy Hain


Tracy Hain comes from a varied career background that has included hotel management, private banking, textile conservation, marketing, and branding. This experience was the foundation for her own successful London based interior and product design company which she started in 2005. Her childhood took her all over the world to live and study including Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Austria, Canada, and the US.


After completing her undergraduate degree in Business Administration, she furthered her studies with courses in textile and paper conservation and a degree in Environmental Design in Canada. Tracy speaks three languages and has worked on assignments in all corners of the globe.


Managing projects, accounts and people comes naturally to her organized nature and she approaches every project first by listening and then ascertaining what path should be taken with focus and care.  Having moved more times than she can count, she is sensitive to cultural and aesthetic differences and uses this knowledge to create meaningful relationships and exceptional interiors in the residential and corporate realm. With her attention to detail, practical approach and her creative sensibility, she designs products and schemes that are fine-tuned and unique.

Our People



  • Brand & Product

    • Define target market(s) and their passion points
    • Conduct a comprehensive competitor analysis
    • Develop brand positioning, image and narrative
    • Create a clearly defined plan to enhance brand identity and visibility in the market – including an omni-channel marketing strategy with an emphasis on digital and social media
  • Environmental and Product Design

    • Residential interior design including space planning and decoration
    • Small corporate and boutique hotel interior design including concept development and project management
    • Product development and design through to fabrication using a vast network of talented craftspeople
    • Experienced advice in all matters creative for business and philanthropy
  • Business & Financial Planning

    • Develop a business transformation and development plan for board and shareholder approval
    • Work with existing service providers, while also granting access to our network of trusted professionals – offering impartial advice on the most suitable match for each element
    • Provide full budgets and outlines of required resources, including any requirement for additional capital or loan finance
    • Offer financial analysis for a 3-5 year period, including cash flow and profit and loss projections
  • Business Structuring

    • Review corporate structure to enhance and protect brand and business value
    • Consider strategy for international expansion
    • Review shareholder arrangements, spanning personal circumstances, succession and estate planning requirements
  • Additional Services

    • Assist in the development of an Investor Memorandum in association with appointed regulated advisers as required
    • On a non-exclusive basis, offer access to our network of potential investors who may wish to participate in any fund raise undertaken by the client
    • Oversee implementation of the agreed business plan
    • Undertake an on-going review of any implemented strategy

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